Best Electric Scooters 2020

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This list of best scooters is what I personally believe are the best electric scooters available in 2020.

One more thing… before you buy a scooter you should read FAQs below first about electric scooters so you know what they are all about.

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What is an electric scooter?

An electric scooter is a motorized personal electric transportation device or put simply a scooter with an electric motor and power source (battery). The most popular power source for an electric scooter is the lithium ion battery, though some earlier models used the nickel-metal hydride batteries. Electric scooter batteries are charged by plugging them directly into the wall power sockets/outlets where they typically take 8 hours to charge, however there are some scooters that can fully charge in 4 hours or less.

What are the types of electric scooters?

Electric Kick Scooters

These scooters usually have two wheels and a standing deck with a handlebar. Most of the electric kick scooters are foldable to allow for you to easily carry them or store them away. Sometimes these scooters even have a seat so that everyone can ride it, however they are normally pretty easy to ride without a seat and very easy to learn.

There are either Two or three wheeled electric kick scooters:

Two Wheeled Electric Kick Scooters


(Above: Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter)


  • Light
  • More compact
  • Requires less storage space
  • Typically more speed as there is less friction
  • More popular than three wheeled (Yes you will be more cool :-))
  • More practical in busy areas/crowds


  • Young children may find it hard to balance

Three Wheeled Electric Kick Scooters


(Above: Swagtron Cali Drift Electric Scooter)


  • More stability / no need for balancing
  • Self standing
  • More stability on potholes / bad surfaces
  • Safer cornering due to added stability


  • Slightly heavier than two wheeled
  • Wider so can get in the way more
  • Takes more storage room even when folded

What is the best way to choose an electric scooter?


Electric Scooter Costs

Electric Scooters costs can vary significantly, you can spend anything from $200 to $2000 on an electric scooter, plus even more if you end up modifying it.

Check out our best electric scooters under $300 article for the perfect scooter to get you started.

Popular Electric Scooters

There are so many electric scooters on the market it’s often hard to know which one to buy. Once you’ve decided how much you want to spend on electric scooter, it’s often a case of looking into what the best electric scooters are from reading the reviews, like the ones on this website! You may also check out youtube and other websites to get a better understanding of which electric scooters are most popular.

What will your electric scooter be used for?

If you plan to use your electric scooter for fun or for commute it makes sense to choose the best electric scooter for the way in which you plan to use it. We’ve devised a list of best electric scooters for commuting which may help you find the perfect scooter for your trips to work and back. Alternatively you may want a more rugged electric scooter, in which case check out best electric scooters for off road list.

Are you buying for a kid or for an adult?

Depending on who is going to be using the electric scooter, you should check our our two very popular articles which are the best electric scooters for adults and also the best electric scooters for kids.

How fast can electric scooters go?

Most scooters go between 15-40mph, however there are some scooters which can go up to 50mph and faster, for example the Dualtron Thunder can reach speeds of 50mph. If you are looking to see the fastests electric scooters, check out our top 5 fastest electric scooters list  below.

The best electric scooters of 2020


If you are looking for a faster, more efficient, and affordable way to get around your city, then you have probably considered at one time or another getting an electric scooter. Electric scooters have been taking the world by storm and are now one of the most popular ways to get around whether you are commuting, relaxing, or just going to a friend’s house. These scooters are popular for a variety of reasons, but if you have never bought an electric scooter before, you might be a little bit lost when it comes to shopping for one. We want to make 2020 the best year yet for electric scooters, so that’s why we have put together this complete guide to not only finding the best scooter, but also learning more about electric scooters as they become more and more popular.


In this complete guide, we are going to cover why electric scooters are so popular, which models of scooters are the best in 2020 and beyond, and what you should be looking for in a scooter when making your decision. Feel free to follow along and by the end, you should have all of your questions answered and have a good idea as to what electric scooter you might be interested in as your first electric scooter!

Why get an Electric Scooter?

If you have never owned an electric scooter and are just in the preliminary stages of selecting one, then you might be wondering why they are so popular and what makes people choose electric scooters as a solution for their short-distance travel. As it turns out, there are tons of reasons for why people love to use electric scooters! And if you are not yet decided on getting an electric scooter, you’ll be happy to read our list of reasons to get an electric scooter today.


One of the main reasons for why people choose to use an electric scooter is that it saves them money. Regardless of any other reason to ride an electric scooter, we can all get behind the fact that saving money is great! And getting an electric scooter is a great way to save money in a couple of different ways. Let’s start with the most basic! If you live in a larger city, getting an electric scooter can be way more practical than owning a car. Buying a car often takes thousands of dollars right away upfront while an electric scooter can often be acquired for less than $500. This saves you thousands of dollars right away and in many cases, an electric scooter can be just as effective as a car in a downtown setting.

Another area that you’re going to save money on is maintenance. Electric scooters are somewhat complex pieces of equipment, but not nearly as complex as a car. The complexity of a car also means that it’s going to require much more maintenance and attention which, as you probably know well, can mean thousands of dollars in repair and regular maintenance. Without a large, expensive car, you can cut that out of your budget. Electric scooters require maintenance sometimes, but the costs are often much lower and the repairs are infrequent when compared to cars.

Another way that you’ll save money with an electric scooter is with all the peripheral costs of owning a car such as car washes, gas, insurance, and other expenditures that you need to make in order to be a responsible car owner. The largest savings in this category is likely gas. Electricity costs money, but only a small percentage of what you would be spending in gas to get around. Electric scooters don’t require insurance in many areas, so that’s something you can cross off your plate too. All of these small, recurring costs that you would have to deal with when you own a car goes a long way when added up and really reaffirm the assertion that owning an electric scooter is all-around much more affordable.


When you think of the benefits that are associated with riding an electric scooter to your destination, health probably is not one of the first factors that come to mind. However, your health is something that could very well benefit from your decision to ride a scooter to your various obligations around town. While riding a scooter isn’t as healthy as walking or riding a bike, it is healthier than riding in a car. The reason is that it requires more motion and while you can coast for a while just riding, at least you are standing. You will also need to occasionally get the scooter started, steer, and step on and off it when you are at a stop. This allows you to get your blood pumping a bit more instead of having to sit sedentary in a car for a couple of hours a day during your daily commute. Just this simple change to your daily routine can have a large impact on your life expectancy and general health as the effects compound over time.

If you’re looking to inject a bit more activity in your day and get your blood moving a little bit more, then an electric scooter could be the option that you are looking for. It helps you move more but also will get you to work on time and in a speedy way. The small difference of riding an electric scooter to work could mean a drastic change for the better in your lifestyle and health.


If you are a busy professional and have a lot of things to do in your everday life, speed is an important factor for you. You might not think of an electric scooter as a device that will increase your speed of travel, but there are many cases in which an electric scooter can provide you with a faster way to get to work. The most notable of these situations is if you are currently walking to work. In that case, then getting an electric scooter would provide you with a much faster way to get to work or wherever else you’re going throughout the day.

Another surprising situation in which you might also save time with an electric scooter is if you live in a big city and happen to drive a car. While cars might seem like the faster option for you if you want to get from place to place, that’s not always the case. In large cities with lots of traffic, it can be quite hard to get around by car and with traffic jams, it actually becomes faster to travel with an electric scooter because it gives you more mobility and flexibility. In this case, riding an electric scooter could give you a distinct advantage when it comes to speed.

So, beyond the health and cost benefits, scooters can actually provide you with a more efficient way to get to work, school, or wherever else you might be going when compared to a car in some situations. Obviously, a scooter isn’t always going to be the fastest option but they do often offer you a flexible way to get to and from your destination.


Another reason why you might want to invest in an electric scooter to help transport you around town is that it’s fun. Not every factor that goes into choosing a scooter for your commute is based on financial or convenience reasons. Riding a scooter to work can provide you with a fun start to the day as you zip around town with the wind in your hair. This might not be the biggest factor to everyone, but if you work long, stressful hours you know that a fun ride on the scooter in the morning or after work could be exactly what you’re looking for to release some tension and put some fun back in your day. Riding an electric scooter could grant you a fun time during your commute instead of treating it as a dreary march to work.


One of the main reasons that residents who live in a big city choose to not get a vehicle is that they have nowhere to put it or it would be too expensive to park in their complex or on the street. If you get an electric scooter, this problem is taken out of the equaction as it is not only much easier to store, but also much more affordable to park when you are not using it. Most scooters are easily foldable and can be brought with you into your residence for storage indoors. There is no need to pay for street parking when you are at home and you also won’t have long-term storage fees, like you might have if you were trying to keep a car in a location for an extended period of time. The compactness and ability to transport is one of the best reasons to get an electric scooter.

Best Electric Scooters 2020 Reviews

If you’ve never owned an electric scooter before, it’s going to be hard for you to determine which models out there fit your needs based on the criteria that you have set forth when it comes to your preferences. That’s why we’ve taken the hassle out of reviewing various models across the market and done a deep dive into some of the best electric scooters for 2020 and beyond.

In each of our item breakdowns, we will go into what makes these scooters popular, what they do well, what they don’t do so well, and who they would be most well-suited for. You should learn a lot about some of the most popular scooters on the market and get an idea for some scooters that you might be interested in as a result and if nothing else, you will be one step closer to understanding how these scooters work and how you should be shopping for one to fit your needs.

Without further delay, here are our comprehensive reviews of the 10 best electric scooters for 2020 and what they each bring to the table in terms of efficiency, cost, ease-of-use, and all of the other factors that make an electric scooter great.

GOTRAX GXL Commuting Electric Scooter

This model by GOTRAX has been around for a very long tie and as such, it has become one of the more popular models on the market for those who want to commute to work using a scooter. The features are plentiful, but perhaps the best feature that this scooter has to offer is the 8.5” pneumatic tires, which provide the perfect mix of moderation and adaptability to be suitable for an urban environment with mostly flat surfaces, but also with the occasional rough terrain. Without adequate tires to handle these small problems that may come up, you could be putting yourself in a dangerous situation.

Under the hood, you’ll find a 250 watt motor, which represents the most powerful motor that GOTRAX has ever been able to put on a scooter. This powerful motor allows you to move at speeds up to 15.5 MPH and carry up to 220 lbs. While this is a huge step for GOTRAX, it is actually considered a medium power motor with middling power capabilities. Still, it is a good option for most people.

Where this model really seems to shine is in the 36 volt battery, which adds greatly to the flexibility and longevity of the scooter as a practical way to get to work. This battery can travel up to 12.5 miles on a single charge, which is more than adequate for most people who live near work, school, or wherever else they might be wanting to go. To top it all off, this battery can be fully recharded in about 4 hours, which is a very low turnaround time that won’t prevent you from going somewhere just because you have to wait for your battery to charge.

  • Very affordable
  • High quality versatile tires
  • Portable design and easy to transport
  • Not a very poweful motor

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

The Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter is a multi-use, verstaile electric scooter that provies you with tons of options whether you need to get to work, school, or the grocery store. Many people use this scooter who are living a fast-paced life and need a scooter that is a bit higher quality to suit their needs and get them from place to place quickly. The reason that they choose this scooter often is that it features a 250 watt motor, which provides you with power and heightened weight capacity.

The motor that this scooter uses can carry you for up to 15.5 MPH, which is typical. That’s not where this scooter really shines, though. The great thing about this scooter is that it can last for up to 18.6 miles before needing to be recharged. Obviously, this is going to mean that it will be suitable and serviceable for thousands more people who need their scooter for some slightly longer ranage journeys. It’s also great for having a little buffer in case you want to casually use it to travel around the city and have fun.

One of the best features about this scooter is that it is designed to be lightweight, portable, and easy to transport. This means that you can fold it up and take it on vacation or carry it inside with you wherever you go. It weighs in at only 26.9 lbs, which is pretty standard and nothing special, but also is not a weight that is going to hold you back from anywhere you want to go.

Safety is also an area where this scooter has some separation from the competition. It features a double braking system, which has disc braking and an anti-lock system to actually provide you with fast, responsive braking that can keep you safe and aware out there. This can help to prevent collision with cars, people, or obstacles. Safety first!

  • 18.6 mile range
  • Very safe breaking system
  • Easy to learn
  • Average speed
  • Fairly expensive

Glion Dolly Foldable Lightweight Scooter

If you’re looking for that perfect scooter that you can bring along camping, hiking, and any other activity that you might be wanting to do, then this is the right one for you. Its claim to fame is being able to fold up quickly and easily to allow you to transport it wherever you might be going. If that is a feature that is important to you, then you’re going to want to add this one to your list of scooters to consider.

This is not the most powerful scooter out there due to the lightweight design, but it can travel the standard 15.5 MPH, which is great when you consider how lighweight and compact the scooter is. It has a range of 15 miles before it has to be recharged, which isn’t anything special but certainly isn’t bad, either. This is a good lightweight and compact option if you’re willing to invest a bit more in a quality frame and convenience.

  • Lightweight, easy to transport
  • Folds for easy storage and carrying
  • Good speeds for its size
  • Quite expensive but high quality build

Segway Ninebot ES4 Folding Kick Scooter

If you’re truly looking for a premium scooter with all of the features that you could ever want and increased capabilities, then this scooter is going to be a good option for you. It is made by Segway, which is a very reputable brand and is notorious for producing quality, forward-thinking products. They have hit it out of the park with this model and provided the market with a premium option to turn to for people who don’t mind investing a significant amount in their electric scooter if they are paying for quality.

The first thing that distinguishes this scooter from all of the rest is the fact that it features two batteries, which combined have over 800 watts of power. As you can imagine, this does wonders for the speed and range of the scooter, which have reached about 19 MPH and 28 miles in range for this model. Both of those figures are vastly improved when compared to the other, more affordable models. It’s hard to understate how far ahead this scooter is from the other models, but at the same time, it also comes at a price.

This model by Segway provides an avenue to get one of the best scooters on the market for those who consider their electric scooter a crucial investment and know they will be using it everyday. There are various safety features, extra technology, and top-notch speed that put this scooter a step above everyone else.

  • High speed ability
  • High range capacity
  • Safe and comfortable ride
  • More expensive than other models
  • Not as light as other models

Macwheel Electric Scooter

The Macwheel scooter is a middle-of-the-road scooter with average capabilities, but it makes our list because it is affordable and has some premium features that put it firm in the range for best electric scooters for those on a budget. To start, this scooter features a 350 watt motor, which is typically adquate for most applications and should get you around town just fine. With this motor, you should expect top speeds of about 15.6 MPH and a range of almost 19 miles at max. These specifications are considered slightly above average, which bodes well for the value of this scooter when compared to other models.

Another area of value for this scooter is the 8.5” non-pneumatic tires, which means that you don’t have to inflate the tires or worry about keeping them full of air. This might sound like a small feature, but can actually save you lots of time and money. They cannot be punctured, so you don’t have to worry about maintenance on them and they don’t need to be inflated, so no more stops to the air compressor for you!

  • Easy to maintain
  • No air in tires
  • Good price for features
  • Safe braking system
  • Portable and foldable
  • Not very lightweight

Hiboy MAX Electric Scooter

The Hiboy MAX is a popular model for commuters and others who simply need a reliable scooter for everyday transportation. We would consider this scooter to be on the higher end of the price range, but it shouldn’t be considered premium or unachievable. This would be a good scooter if you want something solid that has a little extra power, but remains somewhat affordable.

This scooter features the typical 8.5” tires, that allow you to conquer regular terrains and are adequate for achieving high speeds. The 350 watt motor can propel you up to 18.6 MPH under proper conditions, which is higher than average and adds to the value of the scooter. Another area that it excels in is the range, which sits comfortably at 17 miles.

One thing that sets this scooter apart from others is that it features an app that you can use to connect to the scooter to diagnose problems, activate cruise control, view riding statistics, and see other data relating to your scooter. This is something that not many scooters offer, and we are happy to see it offered with this one.

  • High quality tires
  • Many features for the price
  • Easy to fold and transport
  • Powerful motor
  • Lesser known brand

TOMOLOO Electric Scooter for Kids and Adult

The TOMOLOO electric scooter on our list is unique in a number of ways but one thing is for sure–people love it. This is a very popular model for a number of reasons, even though it is on the higher end of the price spectrum. For starters, this scooter features a modest, but adequate 250 watt motor that can reach speeds of up to 15.5 MPH, which is considered an average speed. While the speed is average, the range on this scooter is well above average at 18.6 miles under the right conditions. This definitely brings extra value to the scooter.

Another major benefit to this scooter is that it is easily folded and transported. This means that you can fold it up and take it to work, the classroom, camping, or on any other voyage that you wish to bring it along on. It weighs only 28.4 pounds, which isn’t extremely lightweight but shouldn’t hinder you from packing it in the car or carrying it up a flight of stairs.

To top it all off, this scooter features a double brakign system, which is widely considered the safest possible way to brake on an electric scooter. This provides an evenly distributed brake, even when you want to stop quickly. This helps to make sure that you won’t lose balance or control of the scooter when you try to come to a stop.

  • Has LED lights on front
  • Made from premium materials
  • High quality powerful motor
  • Less affordable than other options
  • Low weight support

Swagtron High Speed Electric Scooter

This scooter by Swagtron presents perhaps one of the most ingriguing value propositions out of any scooter that we have reviewed so far. This particular scooter is one of the most affordable options on our list, yet it has a pretty high-power motor that allows you to chug along at over 18 MPH in the right conditions. That’s a pretty significant speed threshold for such an affordable scooter.

Aside from that, it’s easily portable and foldable, charges in 3.5 hours, has about 12 miles of bettery life, and is made of durable aluminum. While the range is not ideal and some users report only getting about 6 miles of range, the value is clear here because of such a low price. This is definitely a great option for anyone who is looking for an extremely affordable option for their electric scooter.

  • Very affordable
  • Good speed
  • Made of durable materials
  • Has air in tires
  • Very poor range

Macwheel Foldable Lightweight Electric Scooter

This is the second Macwheel scooter on our list, but this one does present a unique situation. Compared to the last Macwheel that we reviewed, this one is much more affordable actually sits near the bottom of the price range for all of the scooters that we reviewed. While this isn’t the most premium scooter out there, it’s certainly serviceable and should get you around just fine. It features 8” tires, which are smaller than most but also feature an airless system for way less maintenance.

As for travel specifications, this scooter can travel up to 15 MPH and a charge lasts 8 miles at the minimum. These are quite underwhelming statistics, but you ahve to remember that it is a very affordable scooter and everything else about it seems to be in great shape and provide you with a premium experience. If you live close to your work or school, this would certainly be a good option for you.

  • Affordable
  • Made from durable materials
  • Quick charge times
  • Average speed and range
  • Smaller tires

Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter

This scooter by Razor is truly one of the more innovative and forward-thinking options that we have had the pleasure of reviewing. This is due to the unique design in which you sit on your scooter. The scooter features a basket so you can run errands and actually looks quite comfortable to sit on. The main goal of this scooter is to be environmentally friendly and provide you with a clean way to get around town.

As for specifications, this scooter can reach up to a respectable 18 MPH and be used for about 40 minutes. We would like the usage to be higher, but overall it’s not bad. We would consider this scooter to have average speed and range while providing you with more functionality than many other scooters are able to provide.

Even for all of that functionality and those features, you can snag this scooter for a pretty affordable price without breaking the bank.

  • Good price for many features
  • Basket for carrying
  • Comfortable seating
  • Low weight limit
  • Average range and speed
  • Not particularly portable

Scooter Buying Guide: What To Look For

When you start shopping for a scooter, you might be wondering what you should be looking for and what factors are important when shopping for one of these amazing devices. If you’ve never had to shop for a scooter before, you could be overwhelmed. If you find yourself in that situation, don’t worry. We know exactly what characteristics you should be looking for in an electric scooter and what factors you should be basing your decision on. We’re going to walk you through each of these and explain why they are important. By the end of our guide, you should feel comfortable about selecting a scooter and identifying deciding factors in your scooter selection.


One of the first things that you should identify about a scooter when you are shopping for one is what the range of your desired scooter is. This is the first thing that you should look at because it’s going to be a crucial aspect that decides whether you can actually get any use out of your scooter. If your prospective scooter has a shorter range than what it takes you to get to work, then you know that it’s not going to be a viable option. It’s best to get a scooter that has a range that is well over double the distance that it takes you to get to work or school. This is to ensure that you have enough battery power for the return trip. Range is one of the main determinants in whether an electric scooter will be suitable for your particular needs, so make sure you understand the range limitations of any scooter that you decide to invest in. Without proper range, your electric scooter will be nearly worthless.


Speed isn’t necessarily the most important factor in selecting a scooter, but it still is something you’ll want to consider. Most scooters don’t have a problem with speed and they are pretty uniform across the board, but you certainly don’t want to find a scooter that can only take you 3 MPH as it will take forever to get to work and doesn’t end up being much more convenient than walking. Most scooters top out at around 15-18 MPH, which is respectable and allows you to get to your destination much faster than if you had just decided to walk. You don’t need to be a speed demon exactly, but you also don’t want to have people who are walking, pass you.


When we talk about value, that doesn’t mean that you should be looking right away for the cheapest possible scooter out there. In fact, what you are looking for is a scooter that provides a lot of value for what you pay for it. If you are able to get a scooter that delivers a lot of features but costs a lot of money, you could still be getting a good value because the amount of features that you are getting is proportional to the amount of money that you are spending. When shopping for a scooter, you should try to make sure that your investment is worthwhile and you are getting a scooter that represents the investment that you are willing to make. So, if you are willing to spend a lot of money on your scooter, you should ensure that you get one that has a lot of features. Likewise, if you are aiming for a much more affordable scooter for your needs, then you should be able to get a scooter with lesser features.

To ensure that you are getting good value, you should shop around and see what features and specifications are available at current price points. Evaluate these against your top option to either confirm or invalidate your decision. If you feel that you can get more value out of another company or brand, then you should analyze the features that it offers and the amount of money that it costs to be certain.


While scooters are considered to be pretty durable and not generally known for breaking down or having malfunctions, it is still important to consider the construction quality of the scooter that you choose to go with. That’s because you don’t want to end up with a low-quality scooter that is constantly breaking down and letting you down. The best way to determine if a scooter is well-made or not is to look at what it is made of. Many times, this is going to be some kind of metal or hybrid material such as airplane aluminum. Higher end scooters will generally tell you if it is a specialized type of materials while lower end scooters will just say that it is made of steel or whatever the metal that they use is. The construction of a scooter will go a long way in determining how durable it’s able to be and how long you will be able to use it effectively and that’s why you should pay a lot of attention to it when you are shopping for your electric scooter.

Charging Time

Electric scooters run primarily on batteries that must be charged whenever they run out. If your scooter has run out of battery, you don’t want to have to wait forever to be able to use it again. This isn’t an efficient use of time and it can be very inconvenient for you to have to wait to use your own scooter. That’s why when you buy an electric scooter, you should always pay attention to how long it takes that scooter to recharge. This should typically be an advertised statistic that the scooter provides, so you’ll be able to see ahead of time and compare it to other models. It’s important that you know this and have an idea of how long you are willing to wait in order for your scooter to be ready to go.


While scooters do not represent the same type of investment as a car, they are still worth a significant amount of money and should be treated with care. One thing that helps you to do that is getting a scooter that features a warranty as part of the purchase. Pretty much any company that truly believes in their product will offer a warranty on it and it’s typically not hard to pick out the quality-made scooters from the poorly-made ones based on the quality of the warranty offered. While a warranty won’t actually add to your experience of riding an electric scooter, it can give you peace of mind with your purchase and make you feel much better about it in the long run, as you’ll be protected from damage that might occur in the months or even years after you purchase it.


As electric scooters become more popular, the demand for reliable information and buying guides for these great machines becomes greater. If you have been considering getting an electric scooter for work, school, or general transport, you should now have some good ideas when it comes to models and what you should look for in your electric scooter. Our complete guide provides the most complete and comprehensive guidance on this topic and our in-depth coverage will steer you in the right direction.