My name is Robert and I run this website to help others get to grips with the latest and great electric scooters available.

I try my best to keep this website updated every month with the latest products that come to market, however I do have a full time job so I can only do my best! Electric scooters are a passion of mine for a few reasons 1) they are fun! 2) they are faster at getting around the city than most cars 3) you can learn cool tricks with them and 4) they are environmentally friendly and help reduce carbon emissions, yes scooters help save the planet!

I often get asked what scooter I have so i’ve listed my current rides below.

My personal electric transportation devices

My Electric Bike

I’ve been using personal electric transport devices for many years. I currently have a GIANT Stance E+ electric mountain bike as seen below.



My Electric Scooter

However my pride and joy is my electric scooter (obviously!) check it out below, currently I have a Xiaomi M365 pro as featured in our best electric scooters list.



If you are looking for me to review one of your scooters feel free to get in touch with me, we love to review new products and will thoroughly test them.

Enjoy the website and more importantly, your electric scooter 🙂