Best Electric Scooter for Adults

Scooters are a famously popular toy for teens, children, and adolescents that love to ride around the neighborhood with their friends, but what you might not know is that scooters are no longer just popular toys. Scooters are now made in electric motorized versions that can actually serve an important function in the lives of many adults who commute to work, school and other areas around town. Electric scooters are one of the most popular methods that adults are using in the modern era to commute. That’s because they are affordable, convenient, and offer many benfits that make them a great option for getting to your everyday obligations.

However, if you have never purchased an electric scooter before or the idea of buying one for practical purposes is intimidating and unknown to you, then you are probably looking for some guidance on the issue and that’s exactly what we are able to provide. We’ll walk you through some of the best options on the market when it comes to electric scooters for adults and what you should be looking for in your ideal scooter.

Why Get an Electric Scooter for Adults?

While many of us think of electric scooters as a toy for adolescents, they are actually rising in popularity for adults as a safe, eco-friendly, and affordable option to get around big cities quickly. There are several reasons for you to love electric scooters and choose them as your ideal mode of travel to work, school, and other locations around your city.

One of the main reasons for wanting to get an electric scooter is that they are very affordable. When compared to the cost of purchasing and owning a car, the cost difference is astronomical and you will be able to save many thousands of dollars over the years by choosing to own an electric scooter instead of a car or using your electric scooter much more frequently than using your car. You save money in upfront costs, maintenance, taxes, gas, and many other areas.

Another reason that many have to get electric scooters is that often times, they end up actually being a faster way to get around. While this might not seem to be the case from the outside, consider the fact that many people who purchase these scooters live in very large cities where traffic is often a nightmare to try and navigate with a car. While cars certainly can move faster, they are also often slowed down significantly by traffic, which can make for a grueling trip to work, school, or whichever other destination that you are trying to get to.

Finally, the last main common benefit to getting an electric scooter is that they are simply fun to ride. If you are sick of getting stuck in traffic on your commute and sitting in your car while getting no exercise and having no fun, then it might be time to shake things up by riding an electric scooter to wherever you are trying to go. The electric scooter options that we have outlined are perfect for getting the blood pumping a bit before work or school and allowing you to enjoy the beautiful outdoors on your commute.

Best Electric Scooters for Adults Reviews

Here, we have conducted an in-depth analysis of each of the best electric scooters for adults on the market. You’ll find some of the most important answers regarding the most popular electric scooters out there here and learn a bit more about how we evaluate the products that we recommend.

GOTRAX GXL Commuting Electric Scooter


This scooter is specifically designed to be able to bring you back and forth to work, which is one of the most practical adult uses for an electric scooter that you can get. The stats, however, are pretty mediocre compared to what other scooters have to offer. It has a 15.5 MPH top speed and a 12 mile range, which isn’t horrible but doesn’t compare to many other scooters out there. This is a great option for those who need to commute on a budget.

  • Great for commuting
  • Non-air-tyres
  • Low maintenance
  • Weaker motor
  • Less weight capacity

Macwheel Electric Scooter


This model by Macwheel features a really great motor that comes in at 350 watts. That allows you to travel at a max speed of up to 15.6 MPH and for up to 18.6 miles. The speed should be considered about average, but what really sticks out here is the range of this scooter. 18.6 miles should be enough for even two trips to work for most people and really outshines a lot of the competition. This model is a little higher priced than some, but still comes in at the cheaper end of the price spectrum, which says a lot about the value that you’re getting.

  • Affordable
  • Rubber tyres
  • Great range
  • Good for commuting
  • Average speed

Swagtron High Speed Electric Scooter


While there has been mixed feedback on Swagtron and the elecric scooters that they produce, there’s no denying that this is a great value for the money. This is one of the most affordable scooters that we reviewed and it is packed with features. One notable thing about this scooter is that it features a mobile app where you can read stats about your rides and other infromation that gives you more insight into your scooter activity.

  • Very affordable
  • Highly portable
  • Up to 18mph
  • Only takes 3.5 hours to recharge
  • Poor range

Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter


This model by Razor is pretty unique in that you don’t stand, but sit. While it has a pretty weak motor that won’t take you very fast or have very long range, where this scooter does win out is comfort. You can sit while you ride and enjoy a leisurely ride to work, the grocery store, or anywhere else that you happen to be going. It even has a basket on the back so that you can store items.

  • Comfortable
  • Practical design
  • Sit while you ride
  • Attachable basket
  • Poor range and power

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter


This model by Xiaomi is a great value for how much it costs. While coming in near the bottom of the price spectrum for these scooters, it also offers above average power such as 15.5 MPH and 18.6 miles in range. This would be a great choice for commuters who are looking for something simple and affordable. It’s highly portable, so it will be easy to bring into the office or classroom.

  • Above averange power
  • Very affordable
  • Portable and foldable
  • None

Best Electric Scooters for Adults Buying Guide

When you start shopping for an electric scooter, you might be wondering what factors you should be looking for and using to make your decision. We have helped guide countless people through this process, and we can help you too. We know exactly what you should be looking for in your electric scooter and what features are absolutely critical to have when you are shopping for an electric scooter. Here are some of the main characteristics that you should examine for each electric scooter that you decide to consider for your purchase.

Weight Capacity

If you are an adult buying an electric scooter, the first thing that you’re going to want to do is make sure that the scooter you’re buying is intended for adults. The most distinct difference between a child scooter and an adult one is the weight capacity. Obviously, a scooter that is more aimed towards adults is going to have a higher capacity for weight and you’re going to need one if you want to get any kind of speed or distance out of your electric scooter. Most scooters that are intended for adults have a weight capacity that caps out somewhere in the range of 220 lbs and some go up to 280 lbs. The more powerful that the motor and frame are, the higher the weight limit of the scooter is going to be.


While traditional scooters that are made for children are known to be quite slow, what you need as an adult is completely different, If you’re going to invest in an electric scooter, you need to know that it’s not going to slow down your everyday life. You’re going to want a scooter that is able to meet your needs and get you to work, school, or wherever else you might need to go. With a regular scooter, this would take an incredibly long time that you just don’t have. However, with a scooter that is intended for adults, you can significantly speed up your time commute time and even get there faster in some cases than if you were to take a car. Speed is a major factor in the decision process, and you should make sure that the speed of your selected electric scooter is going to work for your purposes.


If you are using an electric scooter as an adult, the chances are that you have some pretty important obligations to be on time for. Therefore, it would be a very difficult situation if you were made late due to your electric scooter dying on you. One way to make sure that doesn’t happen is to get an electric scooter that has a suitable range for what you need it for. If your place of work is 5 miles away and you are going to be using your electric scooter to get there, then you will want a minimum range of 10 miles, since you need to get there and back. Trust us, there’s nothing worse than having to lug your electric scooter miles to your destination all because you didn’t get one with enough range. Be sure to examine your daily route to determine how many miles you need out of your electric scooter on a daily basis. This will give you an idea when you are searching for a scooter as to what you need when it comes to range.

While many of us think of scooters as just aother vehicle, they are limited in functionality and require charging after almost every use. You would be well-advised to take this under consideration when shopping for your next electric scooter.

Charging Time

As we covered in the last section, electric scooters come in very handy pretty often, but they do have their limitations. Most notably, they are limited in how long they can operate and how far they can carry you due to the fact that they run on battery power. As a device that runs on battery power, they will need to be charged whenever that power runs out. One thing that you want to consider when shopping for an electric scooter is how long it takes to fully recharge the battery that your scooter operates on. It is ideal to get a scooter that has a recharging time of less than 5 hours, since that will allow it plenty of time to recharge before your next use without keeping you from using it for very long. It is considered a long time to charge at about 8 hours, so if you can steer away from models that take 8 hours or more to charge, that would be ideal. However, the ideal charging time for you is going to be entirely dependent on how often you want to use your electric scooter. For some, they may be willing to pay a lower price to get a scooter that has to recharge for 8 hours if they don’t need to use it that often and the recharge time won’t affect their ability to use their scooter.


Yes, you will be saving a significant amount of money through the use of your electric scooter when compared to the cost of owning and operating a car. However, that doesn’t mean that you want the investment that you make in your scooter to go unprotected. One of the best ways to ensure that you don’t invest in a low-quality scooter that offers no protection to those who have something go wrong is to make sure that you get a scooter that offers a warranty. Any electric scooter company that trusts their product and has a good reputation to maintain is going to offer a significant warranty on their scooter to protect your purchase in the event that anything goes wrong soon after you purchase it.